My 2019 Planner Set-Up: Megan


I dunno about y’all, but I NEED a planner. I am 100% useless without one. I pretty much forget the thought I had .5 seconds ago so the odds of me remembering everything I need to do for the day or during the week is very low. I use my planner to keep track of everything going on in my life, but I do have a bad habit of making it mostly comprise of things I need to do for the business. In the past I’ve been guilty of only listing out 2 or 3 things that I need to do for my personal life and it was usually just a tiny of list of things I needed to pick up from the store. This year I’m changing things up and I want to start making it more of a budget book and life planner as well as my business planner (I NEED to find a balance!).

What I’m changing in my planner format for 2019:

Removed the last 6 months from the planner

  • I can only plan my life for the next 3 months. Things change so much after 2 weeks that I can barely keep up. I broke up my planner to only contain the first 6 months so far because that’s super manageable for me. It makes my planner significantly lighter and I feel less overwhelmed by the idea of having to plan for my whole year.

Added a Photo Insert

  • I am, low key, sentimental (AF) so I added a little photo insert to the front of my planner so I can store little photos and memento items in there. I’m also going to add little quotes that I hear as #inspo on sticky notes. It’ll be like my Instagram feed IRL. I have an old photo of our Lil Epic Team from a past event in 2017 and a letter my best friend wrote to me when she asked me to be her Maid of Honor.

Added a Sticky Notes Dashboard

  • I am a sucker for a good sticky note. If I have something pending that I may need to add to my calendar I can always add a mini sticky note. I block of times and days with sticky notes in my monthly and weekly spreads if I’m still TBD on a meeting or event. It’s also great for making other lists of things I want to accomplish during the week without having to crowd the boxes in my weekly spread.

Added List building Stencils

  • I love these stencils for the happy planner because now I am able to draw out my own custom lists depending on what I need to get done and for what. It’s nice not having to depend on my crappy drawing skills or stickers to make checklists in my planner.

Added Budget planning stickers

  • This year I opted to not have a separate budget planner and add budget planning stickers to my main planner instead. I figured that it would be much easier for me to stay on top of things because of the constant reminders and also- I’ll be more inclined to not spend money because I’ll be keeping track more regularly. I have a savings goal I want to reach so I want to use my planner to keep working at it.

Added Gratitude section

  • I was a grumpy little punk (putting it nicely) last year and I know why. I was super overwhelmed and I always looked at all the bad things that could happen and were happening and focused on that. I am not very good at expressing emotions (cursed) and so I feel like I can help my self remember the good in every day when things start to get hella stressful by keeping a little gratitudes journal at the very end of my day. Sometimes on the weekends it gets hard to keep up with it, but I’m going to try to stay consistent with this throughout the year to help offset some stress.

Wanna see the whole thing? Here’s a video of my 2019 planner!